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Chilly Cheeks Cooling Mats - Set of Two


Chilly Cheeks Cooling Mats - Set of Two

$ 24.99

Cooling mats that work no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  You will love these heat absorbing non-toxic cooling mats.  Take them along in a diaper bag to cool a hot car seat; put one in your purse for a handy way to cool off a hot flash.  You can slide one into your pillow case; you’ll love it on your office chair; in your Chilly Cheeks seat covers for a long car ride.  The uses are endless and pets love them too.  Add one to your pet’s bed and save them from the dog-days of summer indoors or out. One per order. (size is 30x40cm or 12x15in) SHIPPING IS FREE!

Please note: Under 77 degrees the pad interior will crystallize (it may feel bumpy but it’s working!) and over 92 degrees the material will change to liquid.  It is still absorbing body heat however; it can also be re-cooled for continued use at this point.

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