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Spring Cleaning Feature: E-Cloth Products

Kate Green Bath Dust E-Cloth EcoOrganicGoods Environment Kitchen pollens Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Feature:  E-Cloth Products

       Besides allergy producing pollen in the air outside, keeping the doors shut up indoors promotes dust and pollens inside as well.  Now that it's spring cleaning time picking up all that dust and pollens can be made simple with all the E-Cloth products.  These products are made for every room and nook and cranny of your home. The E-Cloth products works brilliantly on kitchen countertops, stainless steel appliances, baths and sinks, glass, floors, book shelves and any where else that you will find grease, grime, dirt and bacteria.  The E-Cloth products helps to remove over 99% of...

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Mother's Day - May 8th

Kate Green Bath Cleanse EcoOrganicGoods Exfoliate Facial Hydrate Mother's Day Skin Spring Cleaning

Mother's Day -  May 8th

    Did you know that Mother's Day is only a few weeks away?  I do not know where the time goes but I just saw this on my calendar and feel slightly panicked since I had not really been thinking about a gift for my mother.  My mother on the other hand is starting to think about Mother's Day becasue she asked me what I would like to have.  Bless her!  I told her I'd like to have some products that would make me look and feel younger and spruce myself up just like the Spring Cleaning that I have been...

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Spring Cleaning - Part 1 - The Bathroom

Kate Green #springcleaning Bar Soap bath bathroom Body Wash foaming soap glass cleaner hand soap Mrs Meyers multi surface cleaner Organic soap soy candle surface scrub toilet bowl cleaner tub and tile cleaner

Spring Cleaning - Part 1 - The Bathroom

             The sun was shining brightly into my bathroom from both large bay windows.  I was marveling at the bright light trying to stream through the dingy windows and then I looked up towards the ceiling when what did I see but COBWEBS...ugh!  Yes its that time of year again....spring cleaning!  This three part series will highlight one of our favorite products Mrs. Meyer's!  Let me have Mrs. Meyers tell you in her own words about how she got started and why she has her name on all her products: "Our products were inspired by...

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