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Soothing, Softening Bath and Massaging Oils

Kate Green Bath Oil Massaging Oil Moisturizing Nubian Heritage Softening

It's still the dead of winter and at this time of year our skin dries out so fast that we can get into the problem of dry, flakey and cracked skin if we're not careful.  So the fastest way to remedy this winter time blues is with a warm, not hot, soothing and softening Bath Oil treatment.

Nubian Way has several good smelling and softening bath oils.  While using a cap full or two of these oils and soaking in the bathtub it will not only nourish your dry skin but you can relax on a winter's day and take at least this one care away.

The fragrances of the Nubian Way Bath Oils range from exotic smells of Indian Hemp, Patchouli, Mango Butter and Raw Shea butter.  All these oils can be used in the bath but also for massaging into your skin in between soakings.

The bath oils make giving a massage to your loved one a soothing, fragrant pleasure while moisturizing your skin.  Enjoy!


The Eco Team

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