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Mother's Day - May 8th

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    Did you know that Mother's Day is only a few weeks away?  I do not know where the time goes but I just saw this on my calendar and feel slightly panicked since I had not really been thinking about a gift for my mother.  My mother on the other hand is starting to think about Mother's Day becasue she asked me what I would like to have.  Bless her!  I told her I'd like to have some products that would make me look and feel younger and spruce myself up just like the Spring Cleaning that I have been doing to my home.

So let's look at some products that will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and smooth mother's skin. Not just the face but the whole body. While we are at it let's look at all natural products that can tone down the white in her hair and make it softer and more manageable.  Soaking in a warm bath would be good and slathering on some fresh smelling lotions that is good for your skin is a must!

Check out these products to help you decide what to get Mom!  Place them in a brightly colored basket and tie it with some flowers and a bow.  Your mother will love it!

Here at #EcoOrganicGoods we have so many products to make you look and feel younger that its going to be hard to choose so we'll give you some suggestions each week to make the choices a little more manageable.

Happy Mother's Day early and hope you find what you are looking for your mother in our store.  If not, please contact us...we would be happy to help!  Use coupon code:  Mom10 to get 10% off your order and remember FREE Shipping off all orders over $100.  Make sure to order in plenty of time for a Happy Mother's Day!


The Eco Team

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